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Jessica Pettitt, M.Ed., CSP, has a wide selection of courses currently available:



The following courses contain interactive videos and a Certificate of Completion:


Inclusion: Beyond the Law 

1 hr / 1 credit

 As a Meetings and Human Resources Professional, you want to foster a workplace that is inclusive of all kinds of people. And when it comes to event planning, you want to be mindful of the laws regarding inclusion. This program will teach professionals and event planners how to keep attendees feeling safe, welcome, and included. $49.95. 



LGBT Advocate Development

1 hour / 1 credit

These days, the word "ally" is thrown around a lot, but what does it mean to be a true ally?  This program will walk participants through their own and others' assumptions and stereotypes of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and heterosexual people.  By doing this work, participants will come to understand that the development of an ally is about constantly recognizing and challenging views about a particular group of people in order to embrace individuality and break the binary.  $49.95



 Facing Trans Education, Advocacy and Inclusion

 1 hour  / 1 credit

 As we become comfortable with the Lesbian and Gay plight in the workplace, we continue to overlook Bisexuals and silence Transgender populations. Trans folks are courageously coming forward and identifying as such more and more often.  This program is designed to help human resource administrators strategically plan to provide a safe and supportive climate for all and to prepare participants to become better advocates for the trans community.  Be a leader by identifying the needs (including invisible populations), advocating effectively for trans people, and empowering all community members to take action.  $49.95



Being a Better Ally to All 

1 hour / 1 credit

In the workforce, we want people to be able to fully show up and do their best work.  Being an ally can create an environment where both the employee and those served by a company have the most successful interactions possible.  By acknowledging privilege and power in the workforce, this program will teach you important listening skills to stay curious and ask better questions.  You will learn to leave room for accurate information in everyone's experiences and promote a better work environment.  $49.95



“I AM SAFE ZONE” contains three programs: “Sticks & Stones”, “Gender This!”, and “Messages I Learned” (language/power dynamics, sex, gender, sexual identity, sexism/heterosexism, socialization, collusion, and participant responsibility).  Run-time for all three courses is approximately 3 hours and your investment for the entire package is just $150.


* You will have ninety days to complete each course, and you can start/stop at anytime during the course and be logged back on where you left off.




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